Corner Links ()


Tel3at el 9ont, we93at f simana dial Rijksakademie Open fAmsterdam f2019.

B7al chi 7al9a, walakine f9ant, kent kan kherref 3la tsawer, tamathil, o lkhedma li dert hadak l3am o kan neyech bwa7ed lazer. Ba3d lmerrat kan hder blanglais, isbaniya, arabia o 7ta holandia.

Mni tewjed lvideo ghadi nzid8a hna.


Corner Links happened during the Rijksakademie Open 2019.

It consisted of a selection of artifacts made and collected through the year placed on tatami mats where me and other residents trained wrestling (no-gi BJJ) and a performance happening 'every now and then' at multiple times every day of the week.

Video documentation coming soon.